Collaborative Divorce draft

I have more than 100 years of experience in FAMILY LAW: 36 years as an Attorney, 34 years as a Husband, 32 years as a Father, and 2 years as a Grandfather.

All of these life experiences have helped me work with clients as they go through one of the most difficult and emotional times of their lives – DIVORCE.

In 36 years of practicing law, I have attended more than 100 Legal Seminars. By far, the best Seminar I ever attended was in 2005 – COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE. In Collaborative Practice, Attorneys, as part of a team, work with other Professionals, such as Divorce Coaches, Financial Neutrals, and Child Specialists, to try to help our clients and their family reach a compassionate ending, and a healthy new beginning.

Based upon my experience over the last 7 years, and numerous Collaborative Divorce cases, and the experience of other Professionals who are members of the Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia, we have found that about 90% of the Collaborative Law Divorce cases settle without litigation.

A recent national survey, conducted by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, found that 86% of cases settle within the collaborative process and an additional small percentage (2%) reconcile.

Collaborative Law is a different way to divorce. In my opinion, in most cases, it is a better way to divorce. For example, regarding Parenting Plants/Custody Issues, very often the Divorce Coaches and the Child Specialist can collaborate with the Mother and Father to develop a Parenting Plan for the children which is sensible, constructive, supportive and considerate, and assumes that the children are a priority, not a casualty, of the Divorce Process.

Collaborative Law is less expensive and time-consuming. Because the divorcing parties do not go to court until a final agreement is reached, the costs are greatly reduced.

For two (2) years, I had the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors of the Collaborative Law Institute of Georgia. Through my service on the Board, I met several Divorce Coaches/Mental Health Professionals/Child Specialists and Financial Specialists/Neutrals, who have worked together, and can work together, in a collaborative manner, to help us settle your divorce case.

Please contact me to discuss the advantages of Collaborative Divorce. I look forward to helping you.